Hiking Log

DateHikeDistanceTotal TimeElevation GainTypeMiles
Nov 19, 2023Prospect Mountain Preserve, CT3.82:09699Solo Hike131.0
Oct 28, 2023AT Pawling Swamp River Boardwalk, NY6.33:361232Solo Hike127.2
Oct 4, 2023AT Bear Mountain, CT5.33:181415Solo Hike120.9
Sep 17, 2023AT Seven Lakes Drive - South, NY6.24:341192Solo Hike115.6
Aug 19, 2023AT Falls Village - Sharon Mountain, CT5.53:221158Solo Hike109.4
Aug 12, 2023AT Falls Village to Rands View, CT5.32:271216Solo Hike103.9
Aug 5, 2023AT Salisbury to Lions Head, CT6.13:161309Solo Hike98.6
Jul 22, 2023Breadloaf Mountain - Pine Knob, CT5.43:261347Solo Hike92.5
Jul 8, 2023AT Cornwall Bridge to Housatonic River, CT7.43:431572Solo Hike87.1
Jul 1, 2023AT CT55 to Ten Mile River, CT7.03:141663Solo Hike79.7
Jun 19, 2023AT Bulls Bridge - North, CT2.91:35774Solo Hike72.7
Jun 11, 2023AT CT55 to Ten Mile River to Wiley, CT9.14:512022Solo Hike69.8
May 27, 2023Alander Mountain, NY4.83:041659Solo Hike60.7
May 14, 2023Hudson Highlands - Bull Hill, NY9.05:282614Solo Hike55.9
May 6, 2023Hudson Highlands - Sugarloaf Hill, NY6.43:011318Solo Hike46.9
Apr 9, 2023AT – Pawling / Swamp River Boardwalk, NY6.42:511263Solo Hike40.5
Mar 27, 2023Pine Knob Loop, CT2.51:25687Solo Hike34.1
Mar 21, 2023Anthonys Nose - Camp Smith Trail, NY5.84:221416Solo Hike31.6
Feb 18, 2023AT - NY55 / Nuclear Lake to Cat’s Rock, NY8.03:36933Solo Hike25.8
Feb 11, 2023AT – Shenandoah Mtn, NY7.93:42821Solo Hike17.8
Jan 28, 2023Hocomocco Pond, MA5.43:27621Solo Hike9.9
Jan 14, 2023Fahnestock Catfish Loop, NY4.52:09481Solo Hike4.5
DateHikeDistanceTotal TimeElevation GainTypeMiles
Dec 30, 2022Pine Knob Loop, CT4.42:531194Solo Hike182.7
Nov 5, 2022AT - Pawling - Swamp River Boardwalk, NY6.43:071148Solo Hike178.3
Oct 22, 2022Schunnemunk Trestle Trail, NY8.95:272161Solo Hike171.9
Oct 15, 2022Fishkill Ridge Loop, NY6.03:381512Solo Hike163.0
Sep 17, 2022Macedonia Brook State Park Loop, CT6.53:431389Solo Hike157.0
Sep 10, 2022AT - Falls Village to Lime Rock Viewpoint, CT8.54:381407Solo Hike150.5
Sep 2, 2022Mount Greylock9.05:351808Solo Hike142.0
Aug 20, 2022AT - Bear Mountain Loop, NY8.64:462034Solo Hike133.0
Aug 12, 2022Brace Mt / Mount Frissell / Round Mt, NY8.05:332443Solo Hike124.4
Aug 6, 2022AT - NY55 / Nuclear Lake to Cat’s Rock, NY7.83:431010Solo Hike116.4
Jul 31, 2022AT - Salisbury to Lions Head, CT7.24:271572Buddy Hike108.6
Jul 23, 2022AT - Shenandoah Mtn, NY7.93:51698Solo Hike101.4
Jul 16, 2022AT - Pawling - Swamp River Boardwalk, NY6.42:511211Solo Hike93.5
Jul 9, 2022AT - CT341 to St Johns Ledges, CT8.34:452365Solo Hike87.1
Jul 3, 2022AT - CT55 to Ten Mile River, CT5.42:271433Solo Hike78.8
Jun 18, 2022AT - Guilder Pond / Jug End / Mt Everett, MA10.86:292244Solo Hike73.4
Jun 11, 2022AT - Bear Mountain / Lions Head, CT11.05:411962Solo Hike62.6
Jun 4, 2022AT - Guilder Pond / Mt Everett / Mt Race, MA8.35:282024Solo Hike51.6
May 29, 2022Alander Mountain, NY6.03:381825Solo Hike43.3
May 21, 2022AT - Breadloaf Mountain / Pine Knob Loop, CT6.23:551707Solo Hike37.3
May 14, 2022AT – Pawling NY22 North, NY8.43:291122Solo Hike31.1
Apr 30, 2022AT – Shenandoah Mtn, NY7.94:04837Solo Hike22.7
Apr 23, 2022AT – Pawling / Swamp River Boardwalk, NY6.53:111250Solo Hike14.8
Apr 15, 2022AT – Stormville Mountain South, NY8.34:431592Solo Hike8.3
DateHikeDistanceTotal TimeElevation GainTypeMiles
Sep 20, 2021AT – Delaware Water Gap to Wind Gap, PA15.58:411841Solo Hike59.3
Sep 11, 2021AT - Nuclear Lake to Cat’s Rock, NY7.93:591404Solo Hike51.7
Sep 4, 2021AT - Pawling, Swamp River Boardwalk, NY6.83:451319Solo Hike43.8
Aug 7, 2021Great Mountain Forest, CT5.52:16833Solo Hike37.0
Jul 24, 2021Fishkill Ridge, NY6.34:001490Solo Hike31.5
Jul 15, 2021Brace Mountain, NY3.73:321371Solo Hike25.2
May 9, 2021AT - Breadloaf Mountain / Pine Knob, CT5.82:541455Solo Hike21.5
Apr 9, 2021Sleeping Giant, CT4.73:431031Solo Hike15.7
Apr 3, 2021Hidden Valley Preserve, CT5.72:34863Solo Hike11.0
Mar 27, 2021Naugatuck State Forest - Mount Sanford, CT5.32:45627Solo Hike5.3
DateHikeDistanceTotal TimeElevation GainTypeMiles
Dec 27, 2020Pine Knob, CT2.51:43656Solo Hike187.8
Nov 25, 2020Macricostas Preserve, CT4.02:02645Solo Hike185.3
Oct 31, 2020AT Bulls Bridge North, CT4.12:361052Solo Hike181.3
Sep 12, 2020Peoples State Forest, CT6.12:21936Solo Hike177.2
Sep 7, 2020Alander Mountain, NY5.12:551535Solo Hike171.1
Aug 22, 2020Metacomet Trail - Heublein Tower, CT7.43:211200Solo Hike166.0
Aug 15, 2020Metacomet Trail - Penwood State Park, CT6.72:591307Solo Hike158.6
Aug 1, 2020Metacomet Trail - Killkenny Rocks, CT8.53:321187Solo Hike151.9
Jul 25, 2020Schunemunk - Trestle Trail, NY7.24:351460Solo Hike143.4
Jul 12, 2020AT - CT55 to Ten Mile River, CT5.32:291404Solo Hike136.2
Jul 3, 2020Mattabesett Trail - Reservoir loop, CT8.33:51909Solo Hike130.9
Jun 20, 2020Macedonia Brook State Park, CT4.82:341112Solo Hike122.6
Jun 13, 2020Mattabesett Trail - Bear Hill, CT10.25:111306Solo Hike117.8
Jun 9, 2020AT - Guilder Pond - Mt Everett - Mt Race, MA7.95:062178Solo Hike107.6
Jun 7, 2020Mattabesett Trail - Millers Pond, CT10.34:44761Solo Hike99.7
May 31, 2020Brace Mountain / Mt Frissell, NY9.24:591978Solo Hike89.4
May 24, 2020Mattabesett Trail - Mount Pisgah, CT7.33:28689Solo Hike80.2
May 16, 2020Mattabesett Trail - Guilford Northbound, CT8.94:14883Solo Hike72.9
May 10, 2020AT - CT55 to Ten Mile River, CT5.72:121368Solo Hike64.0
May 2, 2020AT - CT55 to Ten Mile River, CT5.42:341375Solo Hike58.3
Apr 19, 2020Tunxis Trail - Barkhamsted, CT6.23:171044Solo Hike52.9
Apr 4, 2020Lillinonah Trail, CT6.22:45869Solo Hike46.7
Mar 21, 2020Metacomet Trail - Castle Craig, CT4.83:04686Solo Hike40.5
Mar 14, 2020Alander Mountain, NY5.23:161594Solo Hike35.7
Feb 22, 2020Mattabesett Trail - Trimountain State Park, CT11.35:501680Solo Hike30.5
Feb 15, 2020Mattabesett Trail - Guilford, CT7.33:071100Solo Hike19.2
Feb 8, 2020Tunxis Trail - Tory Den / Mile of Ledges, CT5.12:49454Solo Hike11.9
Jan 9, 2020AT - Bulls Bridge to Indian Rocks Outlook, CT6.83:171171Solo Hike6.8
DateHikeDistanceTotal TimeElevation GainTypeMiles
Oct 5, 2019Pine Knob Loop Trail, CT2.72:01770Solo Hike299.6
Sep 21, 2019AT Bulls Bridge to Schaghticoke Tentsite, CT7.83:581496Solo Hike296.9
Sep 8, 2019Metacomet Trail, Rattlesnake Mnt, CT8.03:331028Solo Hike289.1
Aug 31, 2019Mattabesett Trail, Powder Ridge, CT11.14:251677Solo Hike281.1
Aug 23, 2019AT - CT Border to Shay’s Monument, MA21.016:4041173 Day AMC Backpack270.0
Aug 17, 2019Mattabesett Trail, Chauncy Peak, CT8.23:30807Solo Hike249.0
Aug 11, 2019Galehead Mountain, White Mountains, NH9.97:102457AMC Hike240.8
Aug 5, 2019Hunter Mountain, Catskills, NY8.44:011955Solo Hike230.9
Jul 28, 2019Mattabesett Trail, East Meriden, CT8.13:491024Solo Hike222.5
Jul 20, 2019Mt Isolation, White Mountains, NH14.413:0234452 Day Backpack214.4
Jul 13, 2019Westkill Mountain, Catskills, NY6.33:451772Solo Hike200.0
Jul 7, 2019Tunxis Trail - Pine Mountain, CT10.04:131227Solo Hike193.7
Jun 29, 2019Metacomet Trail, Castle Craig, CT7.44:051388Solo Hike183.7
Jun 22, 2019Wittenberg Mountain, Catskills, NY7.35:272490Solo Hike176.3
Jun 15, 2019AT - Mt Everett / Mt Race, MA10.76:523068Solo Hike169.0
Jun 7, 2019Twin Mountain, Catskills, NY6.05:441732Solo Hike158.3
May 25, 2019Tunxis / Compounce Ridge Trail, CT10.25:151677Solo Hike152.3
May 18, 2019Mohawk Trail / Barrack Mountain, CT12.67:232418Solo Hike142.1
May 11, 2019West Rock Ridge State Park, CT12.05:34945Solo Hike129.5
Apr 27, 2019AT - CT55 to Ten Mile River, CT5.52:271324Solo Hike117.5
Apr 21, 2019AT - Bulls Bridge to Indian Rocks Outlook, CT6.53:001151Solo Hike112.0
Apr 14, 2019AT - Breadloaf Mtn - Pine Knob, CT6.53:111832Solo Hike105.5
Apr 7, 2019Jericho Trail, CT6.63:251050Solo Hike99.0
Mar 30, 2019Mattatuck Trail, Wolcott, CT7.13:02784Solo Hike92.4
Mar 27, 2019Alander Mountain, NY4.83:061499Solo Hike85.3
Mar 24, 2019Quinnipiac Trail, Hamden, CT8.53:571345Solo Hike80.5
Mar 17, 2019Quinnipiac Trail, Cheshire, CT10.05:301608Solo Hike72.0
Mar 9, 2019Mattatuck Trail, Thomaston, CT8.66:241302Solo Hike62.0
Feb 23, 2019Mt Tom, White Mountains, NH5.34:492126AMC Hike53.4
Feb 17, 2019Mt Passaconaway, White Mountains, NH8.96:282867AMC Hike48.1
Feb 9, 2019Mattatuck Trail, Morris, CT10.44:28860Solo Hike39.2
Feb 3, 2019Mattatuck Trail, Warren, CT7.83:531148Solo Hike28.8
Jan 26, 2019Mattatuck Trail, East Cornwall, CT7.33:56748Solo Hike21.0
Jan 13, 2019Mattatuck Trail, Cornwall, CT6.93:411175Solo Hike13.7
Jan 4, 2019AT - Bulls Bridge to Indian Rocks Outlook, CT6.83:331171Solo Hike6.8
DateHikeDistanceTotal TimeElevation GainTypeMiles
Dec 30, 2018Cedar Hill, MA7.73:41810AMC Hike360.7
Dec 27, 2018Breadloaf Mtn / Pine Knob Loop, CT6.33:291932Solo Hike353.0
Dec 23, 2018Brace Mtn, NY3.93:001506Solo Hike346.7
Dec 15, 2018Wachusett Mtn, MA3.23:17807AMC Hike342.8
Dec 8, 2018AT - Shenandoah Mtn, NY8.34:081198Solo Hike339.6
Dec 1, 2018Mohawk Trail, CT7.54:151220Solo Hike331.3
Nov 23, 2018Millbrook Ridge Trail, Mohonk Preserve, NY8.44:311122Solo Hike323.8
Nov 11, 2018Schunnemunk Loop, NY9.85:461883Solo Hike315.4
Nov 4, 2018Ragged Mountain, CT6.53:06869Solo Hike305.6
Oct 19, 2018Panther Mountain / Great Ledge, Catskills, NY6.95:262103Solo Hike299.1
Sep 30, 2018AT - Millbrook Rd to Delaware Water Gap, PA14.46:411529Solo Hike292.2
Sep 16, 2018Pine Knob Loop Trail, CT2.72:05771Solo Hike277.8
Sep 8, 2018Mt Chocorua, NH12.313:3935872 Day AMC Backpack275.1
Aug 24, 2018AT - Culver’s Gap to Millbrook Rd, NJ14.87:012083Solo Hike262.8
Aug 19, 2018Sages Ravine / Mt Race / Bear Mountain, CT13.47:153228Solo Hike248.0
Aug 5, 2018AT - RT7 to Mount Easter, CT9.94:262100Solo Hike234.6
Jul 29, 2018AT - CT55 to Ten Mile River, CT5.62:341312Solo Hike224.7
Jul 20, 2018Mt Adams / Mt Madison, NH9.010:2050132 Day AMC Hike219.1
Jul 14, 2018AT - Bear Mountain / Lions Head, CT11.25:242205Solo Hike210.1
Jul 7, 2018AT - High Point to Culver’s Gap, NJ14.27:381654Solo Hike198.9
Jul 5, 2018AT - CT55 southbound, NY11.24:391634Solo Hike184.7
Jun 30, 2018AT - NJ284 to High Point State Park, NJ11.25:042106Solo Hike173.5
Jun 24, 2018AT - CT55 northbound, CT4.52:03965Solo Hike162.3
Jun 7, 2018Schunemunk Mountain, NY6.64:001496Solo Hike157.8
May 28, 2018AT - Mt Race, MA7.15:261906Solo Hike151.2
May 25, 2018AT - NJ284 to NJ94, NJ10.74:371611Solo Hike144.1
May 13, 2018AT - Bulls Bridge northbound, CT10.35:582165Solo Hike133.4
May 5, 2018AT - Mt Race / Sages Ravine, MA11.87:222812Solo Hike123.1
Apr 28, 2018Black Rock Forest Loop, NY9.65:161788Solo Hike111.3
Apr 20, 2018AT - Bear Mountain Backpack, NY17.215:0237862 Day Backpack101.7
Apr 14, 2018AT - Pawling, Swamp River Boardwalk, NY7.13:371362Solo Hike84.5
Apr 8, 2018Alander Mountain, NY12.26:362644Solo Hike77.4
Mar 31, 2018Fishkill Ridge, NY9.06:022356Solo Hike65.2
Mar 27, 2018Pine Knob Loop, CT6.03:391659Solo Hike56.2
Mar 24, 2018Nipmuck State Forest, CT7.75:11361AMC Hike50.2
Mar 17, 2018Fahnestock State Park, NY7.55:051368Solo Hike42.5
Mar 11, 2018Schunemunk - Sweet Clover Trail, NY6.55:011447Solo Hike35.0
Feb 18, 2018AT - Shaghticoke Mountain, CT4.12:391020Solo Hike28.5
Feb 15, 2018Mattatuck Trail, CT5.02:461079Solo Hike24.4
Feb 3, 2018Bigelow Hollow State Park, CT6.13:13646AMC Hike19.4
Jan 20, 2018Mt Grace State Forest, MA6.13:531493AMC Hike13.3
Jan 14, 2018Naugatuck State Forest, CT7.22:44932Solo Hike7.2
DateHikeDistanceTotal TimeElevation GainTypeMiles
Dec 28, 2017Pine Knob Loop Trail, CT2.72:08771Solo Hike400.4
Dec 16, 2017AT - Nuclear Lake, NY8.34:181024Solo Hike397.7
Nov 26, 2017Rand’s View, CT7.93:421453Solo Hike389.4
Nov 11, 2017Lake Minnewaska, NY7.23:431181Solo Hike381.5
Nov 4, 2017Black Rock Forest & Storm King State Park, NY8.84:382707Solo Hike374.3
Oct 21, 2017Macedonia Brook Loop, CT6.73:171896Solo Hike365.5
Oct 15, 2017Bash Bish Falls, MA9.04:392605Solo Hike358.8
Oct 7, 2017Pine Knob Loop Trail, CT5.32:541729Solo Hike349.8
Sep 29, 2017AT - Northern Berkshires, VT to MA22.116:0347113 Day AMC Backpack344.5
Sep 17, 2017AT - Mt Race, MA7.55:191998Solo Hike322.4
Sep 10, 2017AT - Longhouse Drive to Lakes Rd, NY11.46:221893Solo Hike314.9
Sep 4, 2017AT - Kent to St John’s Ledges, CT8.74:102425Solo Hike303.5
Aug 25, 2017Wild River Wilderness, NH22.820:5952723 Day AMC Backpack294.8
Aug 20, 2017Dunderberg Spiral Railway Trail, NY7.53:451995Solo Hike272.0
Aug 13, 2017Schunemunk Mountain, NY9.35:181850Solo Hike264.5
Aug 6, 2017Mt Monadnock, NH5.05:121821AMC Hike255.2
Jul 30, 2017Storm King State Park, NY7.24:242441Solo Hike250.2
Jul 22, 2017Mt Frissell, MA6.34:342113Solo Hike243.0
Jul 16, 2017Alander Mountain, MA5.93:531873Solo Hike236.7
Jul 9, 2017AT - Kent to Indian Rocks Outlook, CT7.83:582572Solo Hike230.8
Jul 4, 2017AT - Bulls Bridge to Indian Rocks Outlook, CT6.52:591545Solo Hike223.0
Jul 2, 2017Ives Trail, Danbury to Redding, CT8.13:001306Solo Hike216.5
Jun 25, 2017Mohawk Trail, Cornwall Bridge, CT10.55:312349Solo Hike208.4
Jun 10, 2017AT - Beartown Mtn Rd to Shays Monument, MA17.111:2626352 Day AMC Backpack197.9
May 27, 2017Zealand Notch, White Mountains, NH14.716:2432912 Day AMC Backpack180.8
May 21, 2017AT - Longhouse Drive to NJ94, NJ14.37:163054Solo Hike166.1
May 16, 2017AT - East Mombasha Rd to Lakes Rd, NY11.56:542677Solo Hike151.8
Apr 29, 2017Upton State Forest, MA4.54:45430AMC Hike140.3
Apr 23, 2017AT - Buel Rd to Great Barrington, MA15.48:583205Solo Hike135.8
Apr 15, 2017Breakneck Ridge, NY9.45:353179Solo Hike120.4
Apr 9, 2017Fishkill Ridge, NY9.55:542933Solo Hike111.0
Apr 2, 2017Fahnestock State Park, NY13.35:571965Solo Hike101.5
Mar 25, 2017Mt Beacon, Hudson Highlands State Park, NY7.45:442697Solo Hike88.2
Mar 18, 2017Qabbin Reservoir, MA4.03:48538AMC Winter Hike80.8
Mar 12, 2017AT - Bulls Bridge to Wiley Shelter, NY11.85:582612Solo Hike76.8
Mar 4, 2017Arethusa Falls, NH7.16:272428AMC Winter Hike65.0
Feb 26, 2017Hudson Highlands State Park, NY8.95:123015Solo Hike57.9
Feb 19, 2017Naugatuck Trail, CT6.73:41925Solo Hike49.0
Feb 11, 2017West Rock Ridge State Park, CT4.63:06764AMC Winter Hike42.3
Feb 4, 2017Ives Trail, CT9.44:371850Solo Hike37.7
Jan 28, 2017Whitehall Reservoir, MA7.23:32413AMC Hike28.3
Jan 22, 2017Mt Cardigan, NH7.36:302421AMC Winter Hike21.1
Jan 15, 2017AT - Hudson River to Bear Mountain, NY7.33:271693Solo Hike13.8
Jan 7, 2017Mt Monadnock, NH6.56:321870AMC Winter Hike6.5
DateHikeDistanceTotal TimeElevation GainTypeMiles
Dec 31, 2016AT - Seven Lakes Drive to Bear Mountain, NY5.02:42745Solo Hike358.4
Dec 28, 2016AT - Elk Parking to East Mombasha Rd, NY7.66:431749Solo Hike353.4
Dec 23, 2016AT - Canopus Hill Rd to Hudson River, NY11.06:262003Solo Hike345.8
Dec 21, 2016AT - Dennytown Rd to Canopus Hill Rd, NY7.83:441123Solo Hike334.8
Dec 10, 2016Seven Sisters Trail, MA5.65:031660AMC Hike327.0
Dec 4, 2016AT - Seven Lakes Drive to Black Mountain, NY8.75:552020Solo Hike321.4
Nov 27, 2016AT - Arden Valley Rd to Black Mountain, NY10.26:181377Solo Hike312.7
Nov 19, 2016South Pack Monadnock, NH5.54:181507AMC Hike302.5
Nov 12, 2016Mt Wachusett, MA3.02:27793AMC Hike297.0
Oct 29, 2016AT - Elk Parking to Arden Valley, NY11.46:011885Solo Hike294.0
Oct 16, 2016AT - Race Brook Falls to Great Barrington, MA11.96:362173Solo Hike282.6
Oct 7, 2016AT - Northern Berkshires, VT to MA24.721:5747433 Day AMC Backpack270.7
Sep 25, 2016Ward Pound Ridge, NY11.65:121396AMC Hike246.0
Sep 17, 2016Mt Pierce, NH6.35:122303AMC Hike234.4
Sep 11, 2016AT - Canopus Lake to Dennytown, NY7.23:54988Solo Hike228.1
Sep 2, 2016AT - Central Berkshires, MA26.518:3442253 Day AMC Backpack220.9
Aug 27, 2016AT - Sharon to Salisbury, CT16.59:262430Solo Hike194.4
Aug 20, 2016AT - Cornwall Bridge to Sharon, CT11.17:072490Solo Hike177.9
Aug 7, 2016Mt Greylock, MA7.24:162295Solo Hike166.8
Jul 30, 2016Bear Mountain, NY3.84:221144REI Hike159.6
Jul 22, 2016AT - Central Berkshires / Upper Goose Pond, MA21.418:2636223 Day AMC Backpack155.8
Jul 16, 2016AT - Kent to Cornwall Bridge, CT11.35:352024Solo Hike134.4
Jul 9, 2016Housatonic Range Trail, CT9.14:491808Solo Hike123.1
Jul 1, 2016AT - Race Brook Falls / Bear Mountain, MA to CT14.420:3227422 Day AMC Backpack114.0
Jun 26, 2016Mohawk Trail, CT7.44:381176GMC Hike99.6
Jun 19, 2016AT - Bulls Bridge to Kent, CT8.34:481711Solo Hike92.2
Jun 18, 2016Macedonia State Park, CT6.43:271420Meetup Hike83.9
Jun 12, 2016Quinnipiac Trail, CT8.34:501016AMC Hike77.5
Jun 11, 2016Shenipsit Trail, CT9.94:311166GMC Hike69.2
May 28, 2016AT - NY52 to Fahnestock State Park, NY11.77:022060Solo Hike59.3
May 21, 2016AT - Stormville to NY55, NY10.42:46928Solo Hike47.6
May 15, 2016AT - Pawling to NY55, NY8.73:471651Solo Hike37.2
May 8, 2016Mountain Lakes Park, NY9.04:08825Solo Hike28.5
Apr 30, 2016Devils Den Preserve, CT8.44:04432Solo Hike19.5
Apr 24, 2016AT - Pawling to Bulls Bridge, CT11.17:111629Solo Hike11.1